Jonathan Martinez, The 8 year old Who Should Have Come Home from School

Jonathan Martinez, 8 years old, went to school this morning. A kid just like any of ours, he was expecting a routine school day with his teachers and friends.

Even though he didn’t shoot himself, this was a gun tragedy that was preventable and should not have happened. Jonathan’s shooter should not have had access to a handgun.

There was silence from the White House and the gun lobby today but we along with many other survivors and gun violence prevention advocates refuse to be quiet.  They are complicit.  We will fight back.

We are thinking of Jonathan’s family, classmates, staff and so many who will live with this trauma for the rest of their lives. We are thinking of his 9 year old classmate who is in serious condition after also being shot.  We are thinking of numerous other survivors who have to relive their gun violence every time there’s a little kid like Jonathan, who should have come from school today.

We promise Jonathan we will not stop doing everything we can – yelling and screaming – to prevent other little kids from this senseless murder.