The first six months of 2019

In the first six months of 2019, there were at least 130 incidents where a child under the age of 18 gained access to a loaded, unsecured firearm and pulled the trigger. In a number of cases, more than one person was injured or killed in a single incident.

By the numbers:

46 children were killed
83 children were injured
1 adult was killed
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A toddler found a handgun and fatally shot himself. His case is one of at least 73 accidental child deaths involving a gun in 2018

Published 6:01 a.m. ET March 19, 2019 | Updated 2:54 p.m. ET March 19, 2019

Children were killed more than once a week last year under similarly tragic circumstances – a loaded gun and an adult’s attention lapse – presenting prosecutors with a vexing question: Who is to blame, and how should that person be punished?

At least 73 juveniles under age 12 were killed last year, roughly the same pace as the previous five years. What happened next varied widely.  Continue Reading

In the month of June, 29 kids unintentionally shot themselves or someone else

In the 30 days of June 2018, there were 29 shootings involving children with access to negligently stored firearms, resulting in the deaths of 10 children.  Nineteen children and one adult were injured when a child unintentionally shot them with a gun left accessible.

  • Thirteen of the shooters were under the age of 13.  Five were toddlers.
  • Thirteen children shot themselves. Ten shot a friend. Five shot a sibling or other family member. One shot a neighbor.
  • Nineteen incidents occurred in the victim’s home. Four occurred at a friend’s home. Three occurred in a vehicle. Three occurred in outdoors, in a public place, or an undisclosed location.
  • Louisiana and Tennessee saw the most incidents, six in Louisiana and three in Tennessee.
  • There were multiple shootings some days in June.  One June 1st alone, there were five separate incidents. Of those five shootings, three were in Louisiana.
  • Based on the reporting at the time of the incidents, charges were brought or pending in only 11 of the 29 shooting incidents.  In five of the 11 cases where charges were filed or pending, the child shooter was the individual charged, Of the children charged, all were between the ages of 13 and 14.

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UPDATE – A Tragic Start to Summer: 16 Kids Unintentionally Shot in Seven Days

*UPDATE: since publishing this post yesterday, another fatal unintentional shooting has been reported.  The numbers below have been updated.

In the first seven days of June, there have been 15 shootings resulting in 11 injuries and five deaths. All involved minor children with access to loaded firearms.  Shootings involving kids and negligently-stored firearms generally spike in the summer months, however the number of incidents already this month, an average of 2 per day, is notable.

  • The youngest victim was a 2-year-old fatally shot by a 13-year-old sibling.
  • Four children shot themselves, one died.
  • Three shot a sibling, one died.
  • Eight shot a friend, three died.
  • Six of the shooters were under the age of 13.
  • One one day, June 1st, there were five separate shooting incidents.
  • Three incidents occurred in Louisiana, all on June 1st.

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When Kids Pull the Trigger: 2017 Injuries and Deaths due to Negligent Firearm Storage

Every year in America, hundreds of children pick up an irresponsibly stored firearm and pull the trigger.  These shootings are not accidents. They are preventable tragedies. They are the direct result of an adult gun owner’s negligence and irresponsibility.  Below is a summary of the Children’s Firearm Safety Alliance report of 2017 incidents.  You can download the full report here.  



133 children killed

215 children injured

5 adults killed

11 adults injured


105 children unintentionally shot and injured themselves

67 children unintentionally shot and killed themselves


85 children unintentionally shot and injured another child

51 children unintentionally shot and killed another child

11 children unintentionally shot and injured an adult

5 children unintentionally shot and killed an adult

4 children unintentionally shot and injured themselves and another child

2 children unintentionally shot one child and killed another child

2 children unintentionally shot two children Continue Reading