2nd Toddler Shooting Today —Prayers Aren’t Cutting It

St. Louis Post-Dispatch recent headline

The 2nd toddler shooting a toddler incident happened today, one in Colorado and the other in Philadelphia. ANOTHER BABY who should have not died.

What seriously is wrong with us? Prayers just aren’t saving these little kids, regardless of what they might be telling you.

Holding adults responsible is a big solution.  About 25 states don’t have laws that allow prosecutors to hold gun owners liable if a child accessed a gun and pulled the trigger.  However, we expect adults who allow kids to be harmed in any other way to be charged with child abuse, right?

Until we get serious & vote with these kids in mind, nothing will change.

Toddler fatally shoots himself inside Pa. home

The case of a toddler who allegedly found a gun in a Delaware County, Pa., home this afternoon ended with deadly results.

6ABC in Philly is reporting police are investigating the shooting death of a toddler in Chester Township.

It happened around 3:30 p.m. Saturday on the 2900 block of Bethel Road, the station writes, adding:

A family member told Action News that the boy found the gun and accidentally shot himself.

FOX29 is reporting the child’s age as three-years old.

The police investigation continues.