2016 was a terrible year for kids and guns.  Using data from the Gun Violence Archive, police reports, and news alerts. Last year, CFSA logged 318 incidents where a child under the age of 18 gained access to an unsecured firearm and pulled the trigger.  

317 incidents in 365 days.

36 in the month of December alone.

In 2016:

176 kids were injured and 121 kids were killed, an average of two per week.

63 shooters were toddlers, kids between the ages of 1 and 3.

163 children shot themselves with an unsecured gun.

63 were killed.

34 of the kids who fatally shot themselves were toddlers or preschoolers.

  • Six were 2-year-olds
  • 15 were 3-year-olds

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Safer Kids – Powerful New PSA

Please watch and share this powerful new PSA from our partner, States United to Prevent Gun Violence.

Keeping guns secured and out of the hands of children is THE MOST important job of any gun owner. Far too many American kids are injured and killed because of an adult’s choice to leave a gun loaded and accessible. These shootings are not accidents. They are 100% fully preventable tragedies.

Kids will be kids – curious. Guns will be guns – dangerous.

So far this year?  2 kids killed and 3 kids injured in the first 4 days of 2017 —all by a kid pulling a trigger of a gun they found.

With 2016 over, a toddler has now shot a person every week in the US for two years straight

January 1, 2017 – Reprinted from The Press Union

At the end of 2015, one of the big news stories summing up the events of the prior year was a piece by the Washington Post. This report highlighted the unbelievable but true fact that for every week in 2015, a toddler was responsible for shooting either themselves or another human being in the US – in some cases, fatally.

Now that 2016 is done and dusted, we can officially confirm that the concerning trend continued last year. That means, for the past 104 weeks, there has been at least one toddler somewhere in the US firing a gun and hitting themselves or another person.

In fact, the situation is getting worse: the rate of toddler shootings in 2016 was up 6% year on year, an alarming result given a continued focus on gun control in the United States.

By October 2016, there had already been 51 shootings committed by toddlers – up from 47 at the same time in 2015.

Tragically, there has been an increase in the number of fatalities as a result of toddler shooting as well. Up to October 2016, 16 of the 39 toddlers who shot themselves died from their wounds.

The data also shows that toddlers are shooting more other people, too. At last count, there had been 12 incidents involving toddlers shooting other people in 2016, although the final number is expected to be higher once all the data comes in.

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